Product Name and Code Changes for Ultra-Soy® and Imagic®

The Ultra-Soy® and Imagic® brands of plant-based proteins from Kansas Protein Foods – ADM Nutrition will start being replaced with the ADM brands, TVP® and AccelFlex™. This name change is just part of our rebranding transition over to ADM, reflecting the vision to be the global industry leader in protein nutrition solutions. We will also be adopting ADM product item codes. Please contact our team with any questions you have about these new names and codes, and we will help you through this process.

ADM Completes Acquisition of Kansas Protein Foods

ADM continues to invest to ensure it can meet customer and global market needs for alternative protein ingredients and solutions. We’re pleased to have acquired Kansas Protein Foods. Through this acquisition, Kansas Protein Foods brings great flexibility and capacity in unflavored textured soy protein, flavored alternatives and non-GMO proteins to ADM and our customers – all part of ADM’s commitment to ensuring we remain your partner of choice.

Cameron Vincent presented at the IFANCA 40th Anniversary Conference. IFANCA is a global leader in Halal certification, and many of Kansas Protein Foods’ Ultra-Soy® and Imagic® products have been certified Halal since 2019. A couple key points made from Cameron’s presentation: 1) You can actually grow more protein per acre at a less expensive cost than raising cattle for meat, along with being much more water efficient in the process. 2) Dietary proteins are not all the same. Complete proteins contain all of the essential amino acids in adequate amounts, and Soy is a complete protein source with neutral flavor and no masking required. 3) Plant-based food sales reached a record high of $7.4 billion in 2021 [3/24/22 Supermarket News].


NEW Imagic® Plant-Based Bacon Crumbles IB 218

The newest addition to our Imagic® Plant-Based Bacon Products are IB 218 Crumbles – Chewy. For more information on this product, please call or email us today!

Ultra-Soy® Textured Soy Flour: Non-GMO Project Verified

Kansas Protein Foods IP Program is based on Non-GMO sources of origin, with documentation through all steps of sowing, harvesting, storage, transportation and all stages of processing. Our product testing is completed by an accredited lab to ensure our product meets Non-GMO standards. Our Non-GMO Textured Soy Flour products include:

Small Sizes

  • MINCED N (Neutral), 1/8″ Minced
  • 200 N (Neutral), 1/4″ Minced

Medium Size

  • 100 N (Neutral), 3/8″ Bits

But if you have other specific Non-GMO needs, just reach out to us and let’s talk!